Purpose of Sewer Service Charge.

The purpose of the sewer service charge is to raise revenue for the costs of maintenance, operation, construction, and reconstruction of the District’s wastewater facilities used for the collection, conveyance, treatment, and disposal of wastewater, including the District’s share of the cost of construction, operation, and maintenance of the South Bayside System Authority wastewater facilities, and for other expenditures deemed necessary by the District Board in order to conduct the business of the District, except to the extent prohibited by Sections 5471 and 6520.5 of the Health and Safety Code of the State of California.

Basis of Charge.

The basis of the sewer service charge is the establishment of a flat rate for the residential customers and a unit cost per hundred cubic feet for non-residential customers, computed to reflect costs of collection, treatment and disposal of sewage. In no event shall any customer be charged less than the residential customer flat rate charge. Residential Customers pay a flat rate for sewer service charges that applies for the fiscal year July 1 through June 30.

The following are the most current rates for the West Bay Sanitary District.

Residential (per Dwelling Unit)


Singe Family, Multi Family $893
On-site Wastewater Disposal Zone $1,136

Commercial (per CCF)



Retail/Commerical $8.23/CCF
Institution/Public $8.11/CCF
Restaurants $10.27/CCF
Supermakets with Grinders $10.35/CCF
Hospitals $8.28/CCF
Hotels with Dining Facilities $9.56/CCF




Flow rate (per CCF) $7.74
BOD (per pound) $0.23
TSS (per pound) $0.29

Increased Use of Sewers: Non-Residential

In the event increased use is or will be made of the sewer, and the actual, calculated, or estimated volume of wastewater discharge exceeds or will exceed the volume of wastewater discharge the premises are entitled to discharge, an additional sewer connection charge shall be paid. The additional sewer connection charge shall be calculated by subtracting the wastewater discharge entitlement assigned to the parcel from the actual, calculated or estimated volume of wastewater discharge, measured in gallons per day, average daily flow and multiplying the remainder by the non-residential connection charge rate.

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