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May 10, 2017 Minutes

Published 2019-01-14 10:08:57

1902 – Serving Our Community for over 110 Years – 2017
WEDNESDAY, MAY 10, 2017 AT 7:00 P.M.
1. Call to Order
President Moritz called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM
2. Roll Call
BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Moritz, Thiele-Sardiña, Dehn, Otte
STAFF MEMBERS PRESENT: Scott, Condotti, Kitajima
Others Present: Rick Simonson – HF&H, David Richardson – RMC Water &
Environment, Nicole Bowersox – Hydroscience, Dan Child,
Matt Anderson- SVCW, Joe La Mariana – SBWMA, Gino
Gasparini, Mike Kelly, Tamera Del Bene– Recology
3. Communications from the Public: None
4. Public Hearing: Consideration of Proposed Increase in Sewer Service Charges for
Fiscal Year 2017/18
Motion to Open Public Hearing:
Motion by: Dehn 2nd
by: Thiele-Sardiña Vote: AYE: 4 NAY: 0 Abstain: 0
Comments: Rick Simonson presented a brief presentation on the final rate study and
proposed rate increase for FY 2017-18. Stan Carnohan of 1105 Roseville Way commented on
rates and asked if the District does pay as you go on CIPs. Response was yes, but SVCW
does not which leads to debt service payments.
Motion to Close Public Hearing:
Motion by: Dehn 2nd
by: Thiele-Sardiña Vote: AYE: 4 NAY: 0 Abstain: 0
5. Consideration of a General Regulation Amending the Code of General Regulations
and Establishing Sewer Service Charges for Fiscal Year 2017/18
Motion by: Otte 2nd
by: Dehn Vote: AYE: 4 NAY: 0 Abstain:0
Comments: None
6. South Bayside Waste Management Authority (SBWMA) Presentation and
Discussion on Solid Waste Franchise Agreement Extension
Comments: SBMWMA Executive Director Joe La Mariana presented an update on the
franchise agreement extension negotiations with Recology. SBWMA represents 433,000 solid
waste customers and 60% of them are County residents. Under consideration is either a 10
year or 15 year extension, although 15 years is preferred due to the cost savings. The
extension includes vehicle replacement of 140 trucks by 2026. SBWMA Board will consider the
extension of franchise agreement at June meeting and member agencies will consider by
December 31, 2017.
7. Silicon Valley Clean Water (SVCW) FY 2017-18 Budget and CIP Presentation and
Comments: Matt Anderson of SVCW presented the adopted FY 17-18 budget to the Board.
Highlights included rebates by PG&E and lower debt service. He reported they have spent
$236M on CIP since 2008, with a projected $590M to go.
8. District’s Manager Report
1) CIP Project:
a) Belle Haven II is approximately 58% complete.
b) Butler Building. Bid open May 3.
2) Affiliate Agency/Association News:
a) CWEA: District Manager received a President’s award and Regulatory Compliance
Coordinator received Safety Chair service award at the CWEA Annual Conference in April
b) County: Discussions are progressing with the County regarding transfer of Solid Waste
3) Upcoming Events:
a) Budget FY17-18 approval May 24
b) No Board meeting for June 14
c) Annual goals meeting will be scheduled around July 21
4) Misc./Action Items from Previous Meeting:
a) SSOs: 3 SSO’s in 2017. 1 in April
b) Marsh Road Channel Repair has been selected as a top three finalist for the California
Transportation Foundation Awards Safety Project of the Year! There were 119 nominations
and this project was deemed to be exceptional by the jury. The winner will be announced at
the Transportation Awards Luncheon on May 24th
at the Sacramento Sheraton Grand Hotel
from 11:30 – 1:30. West Bay Sanitary received invitations to the ceremony since our Marsh
Road Lining Project was incorporated into the Town’s Channel Repair project.
c) Recruitment: Maintenance Worker recruitment for two open positions resulted in only 1 hire.
Will re-open recruitment this summer for the last open position.
d) Elections: San Mateo County has approved the District’s application for Elections to be held
in even years. Next election is 2018.
5) Resource Sharing:
a) Town of Los Altos Hills: 1 SSO in 2016. 2 SSO in 2017.
b) Town of Woodside: 0 SSO’s in 2017. 1 pump station overflow.
9. Consent Calendar
A. Approval of Minutes for regular meeting April 12, 2017
B. Approval of Minutes for special meeting May 3, 2017
C. Approval of the Withdrawal Order Authorizing Payment of Certain Bills
and Salaries and Consideration of Other Financial Matters for May 10,
D. Consider to Ratify and Approve Report on District’s Investment Portfolio Including the
Transactions of Assets Described Therein as of 3-31-17
E. Consideration of Authorizing the District Manager to Reject Bid for the Design and
Construction of New Metal Storage Building Project
Motion by: Otte 2nd
by: Thiele-Sardiña Vote: AYE: 4 NAY: 0 Abstain: 0
Comments: None
10. Consider Adoption of Resolution Approving a Long-Term Agreement Between West Bay
Sanitary District and Sharon Heights Golf & Country Club For Construction and Operation
of Satellite Recycled Water Treatment Facility at Sharon Heights Golf & Country Club and
Authorize The District Manager to Execute the Agreement
Motion by: Moritz 2nd
by: Thiele-Sardiña Vote: AYE: 4 NAY: 0 Abstain: 0
Comments: DM Scott reported that the main points on the security, quality, quantity, deposits,
debt service payments and other termination clauses have been agreed upon. The exhibits are
not completed but DM Scott expects no significant issue with them. DM Scott and the Board
discussed the cap on long-term agreement legal fees should there be a termination of the
agreement. The Board discussed a cap of $60,000 by May 31 and/or a cap of $75,000 by
June 28 or the SWRCB deadline. Board motion to approve the resolution subject to the
modification of the agreement to incorporate the terms on legal fees of $60,000 by May 31 and
$75,000 by June 28. This approval was subject to the District Manager and the District’s legal
counsel agreeing that the final exhibits and details were completed prior to execution and if
any substantial changes were needed that those would be brought back to the Board for
consideration and possible action.
11. Consider Approval of Issuance of RFP for Design Build Delivery of West Bay Sanitary District
Recycled Water Project – Sharon Heights
Motion by: 2nd
by: Vote: AYE: NAY: Abstain:
Comments: Board consensus is to continue item for May 24 meeting.
12. Third Quarter Internal Financial Statements & Analysis of Financial Position as of Quarter
End March 31, 2017
Motion by: Dehn 2nd
by: Thiele-Sardiña Vote: AYE: 4 NAY: 0 Abstain: 0
Comments: President Moritz thanked District Accountant for the thorough work on the
financial statements.
13. Discussion and Direction on Recycled Water Project and on Negotiations with Sharon
Heights Golf Course on Long-Term Agreement
Comments: None
14. Report & Discussion on South Bayside Waste Management Authority (SBWMA)
Comments: Director Dehn clarified to the Board that the consideration of the extension of the
franchise agreement with Recology is a re-statement of the agreement and not a new
agreement. The SBWMA FAX committee recommends the re-statement of 15 years instead of
10 years. Board consensus was to proceed with a vote for extension of 15 years over 10
years. Director Dehn also reported that the current insurance carrier will not renew the
contract due to the MRF fire.
15. Report & Discussion on Silicon Valley Clean Water (SVCW) and Discussion on SVCW CIP
Comments: Director Otte reported that SVCW is pursuing $3M grant from the California
Energy Commission and that the replacement of valves on Menlo Park pump station is
16. Closed Session
Agency designated representatives: Board President/Legal Counsel
Unrepresented employee: District Manager
Entered closed session at 9:39 p.m. Left closed session at 9:45 p.m.
Reportable action: None
17. Consideration of Resolution Authorizing the President and Secretary of the District Board
to Enter into “Amendment Four (2017)” To Employment Agreement Between the West Bay
Sanitary District And Phil Scott (District Manager
Motion by: Dehn 2nd
by: Thiele-Sardiña Vote: AYE: NAY: Abstain:
Comments: DC Condotti described the proposed amendment four to the DM employee
agreement. Amendment effective June 1, 2017; annual salary of $213,001; end of year
performance payment and auto allowance revised as part of the amendment.
18. Comments or Reports from Members of the District Board and Consider Items to be
Placed on Future Agenda
Comments: Request for SVCW to give report on cogeneration, digester and the recycled
water DPR. Director Dehn announced the new date for the Menlo Park Block Party will be
August 16 with a transportation theme.
19. Adjournment Time: The meeting was adjourned at 9:52 PM
Fran Dehn
Secretary pro-tem