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May 24, 2018 Minutes

Published 2019-01-14 10:10:54

1902 – Serving Our Community for over 110 Years – 2017
WEDNESDAY, MAY 24, 2017 AT 7:00 P.M.
1. Call to Order
President Moritz called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM
2. Roll Call
BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Moritz, Walker, Dehn (Secretary pro-tem), Otte
Others Present: Jim Lewis
3. Communications from the Public: Jim Lewis, Menlo Park property owner of 1101 Alpine
Ave. and 365 Pierce Road, addressed the Board and explained his feelings on the need to
broadcast District Board meetings on the internet.
9. Consider Discussion and Direction on Broadcasting District Board Meetings
Comments: DM Scott discussed his experience and research on the topic. DM Scott stated
that previous broadcasting systems he has had installed cost over $50,000.00. A one camera
system would be poor quality and viewers wouldn’t be able to tell who is speaking. For a
District video and audio system and Board room reconfiguration it would start at approximately
$100,000.00. In addition to large capital costs there would be on-going costs to the District.
President Moritz stated that the District is concerned about the costs involved with developing
a broadcast system and it may take away from the main objective of preventing sanitary sewer
overflows. Treasurer Walker says he believes in face-to-face contact with the public. DM
Scott explained to the Board that Board agenda items are noticed to the public involved. The
Board thanked Mr. Lewis for his time and Board consensus was to consider this item the first
meeting in July with information from the Fire District on their costs.
4. District’s Manager Report
1) CIP Project:
a) Belle Haven II is approximately 65% complete.
2) Affiliate Agency/Association News:
a) CWEA: District will host Pump By-Pass training for the Santa Clara Valley Section on June 13.
b) County: Discussions are progressing with the County regarding transfer of Solid Waste
3) Upcoming Events:
a) Budget FY17-18 approval May 24, Annual Goals meeting July 13 at 12:00pm
4) Misc./Action Items from Previous Meeting:
a) SSOs: 3 SSO’s in 2017. 1 in April
b) DM Vacation: May 26 through June 16.
c) AM Consulting: Working on performing the 5-Year Sewer System Management Plan Audit
as required by SWRCB (State Water Resources Control Board). Cost – $19.5k.
d) District Office Manager Todd Reese represented the District for the award nomination at the
California Transportation Foundation awards in Sacramento on May 24.
5) Resource Sharing:
a) Town of Los Altos Hills: 1 SSO in 2016. 2 SSO in 2017. City Manager and District Manager
met May 16 in preparation for 3rd
year of the Maintenance Agreement. Re-iterated District’s
commitment to providing continued maintenance services for LAH.
b) Town of Woodside: 0 SSO’s in 2016. 1 pump station SSO in 2017 (Pump station
maintenance performed by others). SWRCB will be visiting the Town of Woodside to perform
an inspection of the Collection System. West Bay will be in attendance to attest to the amount
of cleaning and Televising work performed.
5. Consent Calendar
A. Approval of Minutes for regular meeting May 10, 2017
B. Approval of the Withdrawal Order Authorizing Payment of Certain Bills
and Salaries and Consideration of Other Financial Matters for May 24,
C. WBSD Operations and Maintenance Report – April 2017
D. Town of Los Altos Hills Operations and Maintenance Report for Work Performed by
WBSD – April 2017
E. Consider to Ratify and Approve Report on District’s Investment Portfolio Including the
Transactions of Assets Described Therein as of 4-30-17
F. Consideration of Authorizing the District Manager to Grant the Vacation Request of a 5-
FT Public Utility Easement at 511 Entrada Way, Menlo Park, CA
Motion by: Otte 2nd
by: Dehn Vote: AYE: 4 NAY: 0 Abstain: 0
Comments: None
6. Consideration of Possible Action on the Long-Term Agreement Between West Bay Sanitary
District and Sharon Heights Golf & Country Club For Construction and Operation of Satellite
Recycled Water Treatment Facility at Sharon Heights Golf & Country Club
Motion by: 2nd
by: Vote: AYE: NAY: Abstain:
Comments: DC Condotti presented a brief report that included that at the last Board meeting
the Board authorized entering into the long-term agreement subject to finalizing some edits
and the exhibits, final draft should be ready to send to Sharon Heights Golf & Country Club
during the next week. He stated it will pass the May 31 deadline for the SRF loan but the
District has been in contact with the State to let them know a final agreement should be
reached by mid-June and they showed no concern of that affecting the loan. DM Scott
discussed the consideration of the RFP at the June 28th
meeting and the RFP may not be
available for Board review until June 23 and the Board expressed that timeline would be ok.
7. Consideration to Adopt Resolution Approving the FY 2017/18 General Fund, Capital Assets
Fund Budgets, and 10-Year Capital Improvement Plan projection
Motion by: Dehn 2nd
by: Walker Vote: AYE: 4 NAY: 0 Abstain: 0
Comments: DM Scott presented the budget to the Board for consideration.
8. Consideration of Establishing Date and Time of Public Hearing to Consider Annual Sewer
Service Charge Report for Fiscal Year 2017/2018
Motion by: Dehn 2nd
by: Walker Vote: AYE: 4 NAY: 0 Abstain: 0
Comments: None
10. Discussion and Direction on Recycled Water Project and on Negotiations with Sharon Heights
Golf Course on Long-Term Agreement
Comments: None
11. Report & Discussion on South Bayside Waste Management Authority (SBWMA)
Comments: Director Dehn reported that the restated franchise agreement will be considered
at June meeting and outlined the City of Menlo Park presentation on the recent rate study
conducted by them.
12. Report & Discussion on Silicon Valley Clean Water (SVCW) and Discussion on SVCW CIP
Comments: DM Scott reported on the status of Stage II capacity showing a remaining 429.52
gallons available. When this is used up DM Scott discussed the possible need for a Board
resolution on connection fees. Director Otte would like to meet with DM Scott to review the
status of Stage II capacity before the July meeting. Director Otte reported that items at the
June 8 meeting included the General Manager evaluation and Director Otte suggested a policy
statement on maintaining equipment.
13. Closed Session
(Cal. Govt. Code
Agency Designated Representative: District Manager
Unrepresented Employees: Exempt Employees
Entered closed session at 8:20 p.m. Left closed session at 8:35 p.m.
Reportable action: None
14. Review and Provide Direction on the Personnel Policies – Revised Education Assistance
Policy and Housekeeping Changes
Comments: DM Scott discussed proposed changes to the policy that includes a change in the
educational assistance, added temporary and part-time employees sick leave per the Healthy
Workplaces, Healthy Families Act 2014 and updates on the salary and PERS amount.
15. Comments or Reports from Members of the District Board and Consider Items to be
Placed on Future Agenda
Comments: None
16. Adjournment Time: The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 PM
/s/ Roy Thiele-Sardiña