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If you have a sewer emergency or sewer related problem, please Call Us First, day or night at (650) 321-0384. Our reporting line is open 24/7. Thank you! 



This page provides links to current Requests for Proposal (RFP) and construction projects out to bid. This page also provides links to forms for annexation; pre-application forms for permits; requirements for types of work; and standard specifications and details for the District.

Details /Specifications

Need to know more about our details and specifications? Get them here.

Forms & Permits Information

Find information to annex, permit, and more.

Pool Owners

Need to drain your swimming pool? Get the permit here.

RFP & Bids

Check our request for proposals and bids for construction projects.

Sewer Contractor List

Check out the list of sewer contractors (not a reference or referral)

Wye Connection Policy

Read more about the Wye Connection Policy.