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WBSD 2011 Collection System Master Plan

The primary purpose of this sewer collection system master plan (Master Plan) is to evaluate the District’s gravity sewer collection system under a specific design storm, using a computerized hydraulic model.

This Master Plan is comprised of eleven chapters, including a sample Capital Improvement Program which is updated and budgeted for annually. The Master Plan also recommends a schedule for maintenance-related replacements of the pipeline and pump station facilities.

The Master Plan was developed to meet the following objectives:

• Evaluate system wide flow characteristics to identify areas contributing to high inflow and infiltration (I&I);
• Assess the existing hydraulic capacity of the collection system, including pipelines and pump stations;
• Evaluate pipeline and pump station condition and replacement needs; and
• Develop a prioritized capital improvement program (CIP) and funding approach to provide an affordable and sustainable level of service to the District’s ratepayers.

Pdficonsmall WBSD Master Plan 2011

WBSD Master Plan Update of 2013

In 2011/12, the District completed a second flow monitoring program to document any flow reductions resulting from the Haven Avenue and other District projects. The hydraulic model was then recalibrated and results re-evaluated to determine whether Master Plan recommendations should be adjusted based on the updated information.

This Technical Memorandum (TM) discusses the 2011/12 flow monitoring data and how this information affected hydraulic model results. This TM also discusses a revised approach to the management and accommodation of wet weather flows, and includes the following sections:

• 2011/12 Flow Monitoring Program and Recalibration of Basin 2B
• Recalibration Results for District Service Area
• Revised Approach to Wet Weather Flow Management
• Updated Capital Improvement Program
• Next Steps

Pdficonsmall WBSD Master Plan Update of 2013

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