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If you have a sewer emergency or sewer related problem, please Call Us First, day or night at (650) 321-0384. Our reporting line is open 24/7. Thank you! 

Here is our budget and finance information.

Pdficonsmall Budget and Finance Information for 2023-2024

Pdficonsmall Budget and Finance Information for 2022-2023

Pdficonsmall Budget and Finance Information for 2021-2022

Pdficonsmall Budget and Finance Information for 2020-2021

Pdficonsmall Budget and Finance Information for 2019-2020

Pdficonsmall Budget and Finance Information for 2018-2019

Pdficonsmall Budget and Finance Information for 2017-2018

Below is WBSD’s Financial Audits and Internal Control Reports.

Pdficonsmall FY 2022-23 Financial Audit

Pdficonsmall FY 2021-22 Financial Audit

Pdficonsmall FY 2020-21 Financial Audit

Pdficonsmall FY 2019-20 Financial Audit

Pdficonsmall FY 2018-19 Financial Audit 

Pdficonsmall FY 2017-18 Financial Audit

Pdficonsmall FY 2016-17 Financial Audit

Pdficonsmall FY 2015-16 Financial Audit

WBSD Performance Measurement Report

This report is intended to be an annual report by the West Bay Sanitary District regarding the performance of the District. It includes performance measures that, when taken as a whole, should give the reader a sense of how well the utility is performing and being managed. This report is prepared by management for use by the District’s Board of Directors and by the general public. West Bay Sanitary District maintains a wastewater collection system of approximately 220 miles with a total of 32 employees. Measurements including employee responses were gathered via unscientific survey data that may be greatly influenced by one or two employees due to the small pool of total employees.

Pdficonsmall Performance Measurement Report 2022

Pdficonsmall Performance Measurement Report 2021

Pdficonsmall Performance Measurement Report 2020

Pdficonsmall Performance Measurement Report 2019

Pdficonsmall Performance Measurement Report 2018

Pdficonsmall Performance Measurement Report 2017

Pdficonsmall Performance Measurement Report 2016

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