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If you have a sewer emergency or sewer related problem, please Call Us First, day or night at (650) 321-0384. Our reporting line is open 24/7. Thank you! 

The District maintains and operates over 210 miles of main line sewer system in the City of Menlo Park and portions of the Cities of East Palo Alto, Redwood City, the Towns of Atherton, Woodside and Portola Valley and portions of Unincorporated San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties.

In addition the District will attempt to clear the sewer line from a conforming cleanout to the main line sewer upon a request to do so. A cleanout must have been installed pursuant to the District’s Code of General Regulations in order to be conforming.

The District provides 24 hour emergency service. Regardless of whether or not you have a conforming cleanout it is recommended that you always contact the District in the event that you are having a problem with your sewer. The District Emergency Response crews always check the main line sewer to ensure that it is flowing correctly. You will be advised if the problem is located in the portion of sewer that the District does not maintain.

To request service please call (650) 321 0384, 24 hours a day. If your parcel does not have a conforming cleanout it is recommended that you install one. A permit must be obtained from the District’s Office between 8:00am – 4:00pm, Monday – Friday. The fee is $290.00 (payable by cash or check) and includes inspection by the District to ensure conformance with the District’s Code of General Regulations.


Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Inspection Unit

The CCTV equipment allows the collection system crew to visually inspect the sanitary sewer facilities thru the use of an robotic camera that transmits video through a KEBLAR jacket and Multi-conductor cable to the above ground vehicle. The District’s CCTV crew is capable of inspecting sanitary sewer lines up to 54″ in diameter and a maximum length of 1350′ at a time.

Pump Stations with Telemetry System

The West Bay Sanitary District owns and operates 12 pump stations located within the collection system that are necessary to convey flow from low lying areas to higher elevations where the wastewater can again flow by gravity. The District’s pump stations have redundant pumping equipment, standby generators, and telemetry that alert the pump station crew of emergencies. The District also has emergency standby generators and bypass pumps as part of its emergency response equipment.

The District monitors 12 raw sewage pumping stations and 80 Residential STEP and Grinder systems using “Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition” software. This allows the District to remotely access control to these stations and provide system status alarm via a paging system.

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Rehabilitation Unit (Construction Crew)

The District maintains about 210 miles of gravity sewer mains ranging from 4-inches to 54-inches in diameter. There are approximately 5,000 sewer manholes within the system, which are used as access points for cleaning and inspection purposes. An important part of the District’s rehabilitation crew is to make repairs to the collection system to maintain the sanitary sewer flow in the system.

Pipe Patch

In 2010 West Bay Sanitary District began using a trenchless pipe repair method called “Pipe Patch”. Pipe Patch allows us to repair less-severe defects in our sewer system without having to use more costly and time consuming methods; namely, conventional open-trench. It works much like a stint in the artery of a human, adding support to the wall of the pipe from the interior and sealing off joints and cracks from roots and groundwater intrusion.


Some pipe repairs are serious enough that they can only be corrected by digging a trench and repairing the pipe in the conventional way. District crews perform all the work from cutting the asphalt to repairing the pipe to relaying of new asphalt.

Click here for a CWEA E-Bulletin on the topic or click here for a PDF.

Flow Monitoring

The District has four stationary flow monitoring stations located at Bayfront Park to monitor wastewater flows to the Silicon Valley Clean Water Treatment Plant located at Redwood Shores. These flow metering sites require periodic maintenance which is performed by District personnel.

WBSD personnel perform Confined Space Entries to inspect the flow monitoring components condition and calibration accuracy of the equipment.

SSMP – Sewer System Management Plan

This Sewer System Management Plan (SSMP) has been prepared in compliance with requirements of the San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB) pursuant to Section 13267 of the California Water Code, as described in the letter from the RWQCB to West Bay Sanitary District (WBSD, District) dated July 7, 2005. The RWQCB letter mandates that the District prepare an SSMP following the guidelines in the SSMP Development Guide prepared by the RWQCB in cooperation with the Bay Area Clean Water Agencies (BACWA). The District must also comply with RWQCB sanitary sewer overflow (SSO) electronic reporting requirements issued in November 2004.

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