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April 13, 2022 Minutes

Published 2022-06-20 10:51:28

1902 – Serving Our Community for over 115 Years – 2022
WEDNESDAY, APRIL 13, 2022 AT 7:00 P.M.
1. Call to Order
President Dehn called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM
Roll Call
BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: President Dehn, Secretary Walker, Treasurer Thiele-
Sardiña, Director Moritz, Director Otte
STAFF MEMBERS PRESENT: Ramirez, Condotti by Zoom
Others Present: Dave Richardson – Woodward & Curran
2. Communications from the Public: None.
3. Consent Calendar
Discussion/Comments: None.
A. Approval of Minutes for Regular Meeting March 23, 2022
B. Approval of the Financial Activity Report Authorizing Payment of Certain Bills and
Salaries and Consideration of Other Financial Matters thru March 31, 2022
C. WBSD Operations and Maintenance Report – March 2022
D. Town of Los Altos Hills Operations and Maintenance Report for Work Performed by
WBSD – March 2022
E. Town of Woodside Operations and Maintenance Report for Work Performed by
WBSD – March 2022
F. Consider Approval of Resolution Authorizing District to Implement Teleconferenced
Public Meetings Pursuant to Assembly Bill 361
G. Consider Authorizing the District Manager to Issue the Class 3 Permits for the
Sewer Main Improvements for 180 & 186 Constitution Drive and 141 Jefferson
Drive, Menlo Park, CA
Motion to Approve by: Walker 2nd by: Moritz Vote: AYE: 5 NAY: 0 Abstain: 0
4. District Manager’s Report
Discussion/Comments: District Manager Ramirez reported that the Bayfront Entrance
Improvement Project has gone out for bids. Bid opening will be May 11, 2022. He continued
to report the new ADP payroll system will roll out by June. He reported the new Entry Level
Driver Training (ELDT) requirement is now in effect and all new commercial drivers will need
to receive the training. District Manager Ramirez continued to report there are 112 high
frequency pipe segments that are in need of repair. He also reported staff is currently
working on the FY 2022/23 budget in which a draft will be presented at the May 11, 2022
Budget Workshop. He also reported that the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation has
awarded an additional $1M grant for the Ecotone Levee Project. The complete District
Manager’s written report is in the April 13, 2022 agenda packet.
5. Presentation by Woodward & Curran on Bayfront Recycled Water to Menlo
Park City Council
Discussion/Comments: Dave Richardson of Woodward & Curran presented a PowerPoint to
the District Board for an upcoming Menlo Park City Council meeting.
6. Discussion, Direction, and Consider Approval of Updated Strategic Goals Plan
Motion to Approve by: Moritz 2nd by: Thiele-Sardiña Vote: AYE: 5 NAY: 0 Abstain 0
Discussion/Comments: District Manager Ramirez reported the Strategic Plan Committee
met to update several sections of the plan. Updates included moving Organization Health
and Personnel to number one from number 5 and adding water reclamation goals including
pipeline distribution goals.
7. Consider to Accept the District’s 2021 Performance Measurement Report
Motion to Approve by: Thiele-Sardiña 2nd by: Moritz Vote: AYE: 5 NAY: 0 Abstain 0
Discussion/Comments: District Manager Ramirez reported a vast majority of measures rated
satisfactory or above. He also reported there were no Category 1 Sanitary Sewer Overflows
(SSOs) in 2021. The Board provided positive feedback on the report and to staff for its
8. Report and Discussion on Sharon Heights Recycled Water Plant
Discussion/Comments: District Manager Ramirez reported the draft of the solar power
purchase agreement is being reviewed and prepared by the District’s legal counsel. He also
reported the West Bay/Sharon Heights Recycled Water Plant 2021 final accounting true-up
was invoiced for approximately $57,000.
9. Discussion and Direction on Bayfront Recycled Water Project and Status Update
Discussion/Comments: District Manager Ramirez reported the District response to the
United States Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) and Friends of Bedwell Bayfront Park has
been submitted. He also reported the District is coordinating with National Fish and Wildlife
Foundation on construction reimbursement agreements. He continued to report that
Signature Group with the Willow Village Project has expressed desire to participate in the
contributions in aid of construction for the proposed Bayfront Recycled Water Facility. The
project’s memorandum of understanding is being finalized.
10. Report & Discussion on South Bayside Waste Management Authority (SBWMA)
Discussion/Comments: President Dehn reported on the Legislative Meeting which included
upcoming California Senate Bills on battery disposal in order to help prevent fires.
11. Report, Discussion & Direction on Silicon Valley Clean Water (SVCW) and Discussion on
SVCW CIP Program and Financing
Discussion/Comments: Director Otte reported that chemical costs have increased the
budget by approximately $150,000 for the SVCW plant.
12. Closed Session
Entered closed session at 8:59 p.m. Left closed session at 9:08 p.m.
(Cal. Govt. Code
Agency Designated Representative: District Manager
Unrepresented Employees: Unrepresented Employee
Reportable action: None.
13. Comments or Reports from Members of the District Board and Consider Items to be
Placed on Future Agenda
Discussion/Comments: Upcoming items to include discussion on Portola Valley
reimbursement agreements on May 11. Other items to include root foam study and
discussion on a response to the environmental impact review for 1350 Adams Court.
14. Adjournment Time: The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 PM
/s/ David A. Walker