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June 8, 2022 Minutes

Published 2022-08-30 07:27:23

1902 – Serving Our Community for over 115 Years – 2022
WEDNESDAY, JUNE 8, 2022 AT 7:00 P.M.
1. Call to Order
President Dehn called the meeting to order at 7:15 PM
Roll Call
BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: President Dehn, Secretary Walker, Director Moritz
BOARD MEMBERS ABSENT: Treasurer Thiele-Sardiña, Director Otte
STAFF MEMBERS PRESENT: Ramirez, Finance Manager Fisher, and Condotti by Zoom
Others Present: Resident – Chris Buja, Consultant – Steve Gortler
2. Communications from the Public: Resident Chris Buja said he would like to encourage the
Board to buy out the existing reimbursement agreements and have the District collect from
future connectors. He stated it would benefit future customers and the District.
3. Consent Calendar
Discussion/Comments: None.
A. Approval of Minutes for Regular Meeting May 25, 2022
B. Consider Approval of Resolution Authorizing District to Implement Teleconferenced
Public Meetings Pursuant to Assembly Bill 361
C. Bank of the West Monthly Investment Portfolio Statements
Motion to Approve by: Moritz 2nd
by: Walker Vote: AYE: 3 NAY: 0 Abstain: 0
4. District Manager’s Report
Discussion/Comments: District Manager Ramirez reported the new CSRMA deductibles will
begin July 1st
and will raise the deductibles from $2,000 to $10,000 thus lowering the
premiums. He also reported that design is underway for the high frequency pipeline repair
project. He continued to report the LAFCo municipal services review hearing will be held on
June 15th
. District Manager Ramirez informed the Board that staff performed urgent repairs,
in-house, to two check-valves at the Willow Pump Station. The check valves were originally
installed in the late 1970s. He continued to report there will be a root foam presentation at
the June 22nd
Board meeting. He also reminded the Board the next Board meetings are
scheduled for June 22nd
and July 13th
. The complete District Manager’s written report is in
the June 8, 2022 agenda packet.
5. Consider Rejection of All Bids for the Bayfront Park Sanitary Sewer Improvement
Motion to Approve by: Moritz 2nd
by: Walker Vote: AYE: 3 NAY: 0 Abstain: 0
Discussion/Comments: District Manager Ramirez reported that one bid was received and it
was double the engineer’s estimate. Staff recommendation is to reject all bids.
6. Consider Approving Resolution Adopting Fiscal Year 2022-23 Budget
Motion to Approve by: Moritz 2nd
by: Walker Vote: AYE: 3 NAY: 9 Abstain: 0
Discussion/Comments: District Manager Ramirez reported on the proposed Budget Fiscal
Year (FY) 2022-23, highlighting changes since the May 9, 2022 Budget Workshop, which
included updates in the Sewer Service Charge revenue, Other Revenues, and changes to
Insurance Expenses. Overall Operating Revenues are $30,777,959, a 0.3% decline from FY
2021-22, while Operating Expenses are $22,222,874, a 3.3% increase. The District FY
2022-23 Budget has a $5,280,495 increase in Net Position, including $9,050,085 increase in
the General Fund Net Position, which is available for Capital expenditures.
7. Consider Adopting Resolution Establishing Rates of Pay and Related
Compensation Provisions
Motion to Approve by: Moritz 2nd
by: Walker Vote: AYE: 3 NAY: 0 Abstain: 0
Discussion/Comments: District Manager Ramirez reported the 4% increase is per contract
and reported that employees will now pay 1% of the Employer PERS contribution. He also
reported that there is one remaining year in the contract.
8. June 8th
, 2022 Update Report on District Response to Corona Virus
Discussion/Comments: District Manager Ramirez reported two employees are out due to
COVID 19 exposure and three others are out as a precaution.
9. Report and Discussion on Sharon Heights Recycled Water Plant
Discussion/Comments: District Manager Ramirez reported the State Water Resources
Control Board – Division of Financial Assistance received the District’s Annual Report and
issued a letter. The report was in accordance with the Water Recycling Funding Program
Guidelines and the letter stated, “The District has met its recycled water deliveries goal and
is no longer required to report annual recycled water deliveries for the Project.” He also
reported that 9.2 million gallons per day (MGD) of reclaimed water was treated and 7.4
MGD were delivered. He continued to report that recent sampling showed higher than
normal levels of coliform due to a vendor error while the vendor was calibrating the flow
meters. The incident did not require reporting to the state because water was not being
delivered during the incident.
10. Discussion and Direction on Bayfront Recycled Water Project and Status Update
Discussion/Comments: District Manager Ramirez reported the District is waiting for a response from
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on permitting. He continued to report that the National Fish and Wildlife
Foundation agreement has been completed.
11. Report & Discussion on South Bayside Waste Management Authority (SBWMA)
Discussion/Comments: President Dehn reported on the legislative committee and on new
bills that are being considered at the state level. She stated the next meeting will be held on
June 23rd
12. Report, Discussion & Direction on Silicon Valley Clean Water (SVCW) and Discussion on
SVCW CIP Program and Financing
Discussion/Comments: None.
13. Closed Session
Entered closed session at 8:06 p.m. Left closed session at 8:13 p.m.
Significant exposure to litigation pursuant to Cal. Govt. Code §54956.9(d)(2):
(1 potential case)
(Cal. Govt. Code §54956.9(d))
Name of Case: 1740 Oak Avenue, LP v. West Bay Sanitary District, et al. –
SMCSC Case No. 18CIV02183
Agency designated representatives: Board President/Legal Counsel
Unrepresented employee: District Manager
Reportable action: None.
14. Comments or Reports from Members of the District Board and Consider Items to be
Placed on Future Agenda
Discussion/Comments: None.
15. Adjournment Time: The meeting was adjourned at 8:14 PM
/s/ David A. Walker