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Sept 27, 2017 Minutes

Published 2019-01-14 10:21:45

1902 – Serving Our Community for over 110 Years – 2017
1. Call to Order
President Moritz called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM
2. Roll Call
BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Moritz, Thiele-Sardiña, Walker, Dehn
STAFF MEMBERS PRESENT: Ramirez, Hall (for Condotti)
Others Present: Marva Sheehan, Mike Kelly, Gino Gasparini, Dan Child, Matt Anderson,
Rich Lauretta, Bill Kitajima.
3. Communications from the Public: Dan Child with SVCW and Matt Anderson gave update
on CIP capital needs. Anderson stated SVCW will need $200M and looked to low rates as
being an advantage to the board. President Moritz asked for a breakdown of expected
expenses by quarter for the next 2 years. SVCW will provide information on 2 options. Option
1: $50M now then $150M later. Option 2: $100M now then $100M later. Will be on agenda on
Oct 11.
4. Discussion/Workshop on the Solid Waste/Recycling Collection Draft Rate Study
for the Year 2018
Comments: Marva Sheehan gave update on 2018 rate analysis and future. Ox Mountain
contract expires in 2019 and Recology contract expires 2020. Sheehan spoke on
a rate increase of 20% for 20 gal. 7% for 32 gal. Board suggested on rounding
rates to the dollar amount not the percentage. HF&F to return on Oct 11 with final
5. District Manager’s Report
1) CIP Project:
a) Belle Haven II is approximately 92% complete.
b) Sharon Road work is 95% complete. School started Aug 23rd
; sewer work done in front of
school by opening day except for paving.
2) Affiliate Agency/Association News:
a) County: Discussions are progressing with the County regarding transfer of Solid Waste
Franchise. County will participate in the consultant fee to analyze the Solid Waste Franchise
transfer cost and process.
b) San Mateo County Elections: Attached is information on the November 7, 2017 election and
an informational update on SB 415 California Voter Participation Rights Act.
3) Upcoming Events:
a) September 22 – Menlo Movie Series
b) October 28 – Facebook Halloween Festival
4) Misc./Action Items from Previous Meeting:
a) SSOs: 5 SSO’s in 2017. 0 in August. 2 in September (Monte Rosa Drive due to Menlo Water
breaking sewer main while replacing water line).
b) Recycled Water: RFP for Sharon Height project issued August 1, 2017 and are due October
c) Recruitment: Currently recruiting for Maintenance Worker, Operations Supervisor and
Projects & Engineering Technician.
5) Resource Sharing:
a) Town of Los Altos Hills: 1 SSO in 2016. 2 SSO in 2017. 1 caused by Contractor.
b) Town of Woodside: 0 SSO’s in 2016. 1 pump station SSO in 2017 (Pump station
maintenance performed by others). Collection System Maintenance agreement has been
renewed. Town has asked District to provide pump station maintenance by amendment to the
agreement beginning in October.
6. Consent Calendar
A. Approval of Minutes for Regular meeting September 13, 2017
B. Approval of the Withdrawal Order Authorizing Payment of Certain Bills
and Salaries and Consideration of Other Financial Matters for September 27,
C. Consider to Ratify and Approve Report on District’s Investment Portfolio Including the
Transactions of Assets Described Therein as of 8-31-17
D. Consider Resolution Authorizing the President and Secretary to Enter into Agreement
Creating Covenants Running With the Land for 18 Redberry Ridge, Portola Valley
E. Consider Resolution Approving Grand Deed of Easement for 18 Redberry Ridge,
Portola Valley
F. Consideration of Accepting Sewer Facilities Constructed Pursuant to Class 3 Sewer
Permit No. 1035 for the Construction of Wastewater Facilities for 18 Redberry Ridge,
Portola Valley, California
G. Consideration of Resolution Consenting to Annexation of Territory to the West Bay
Sanitary District by the San Mateo County Local Agency Formation Commission – 900
Portola Road, Portola Valley (076-261-010)
H. Consideration of Approving Contract Change Order No. 3 to Ranger Pipelines, Inc. for
the Belle Haven II Sewer Rehabilitation Capital Improvement Project in Menlo Park, CA
Motion by: Dehn 2nd
by: Thiele-Sardiña Vote: AYE: 4 NAY: 0 Abstain:
Comments: None
7. Consideration of Adopting Resolution Delineating Environmental Findings and
Authorizing the District Manager to Call for Bids for the Belle Haven III Sewer Project
Motion by: Walker 2nd
by: Thiele-Sardiña Vote: AYE: 4 NAY: 0 Abstain: 0
Comments: The Board asked if this was the last phase. Kitajima reported there may be one
more phase to include SFPUC crossings project. The project would consist of
replacing all crossings in one project in that area.
8. Consider Approving Revised Performance Merit Pay Program for FY2017-18
Motion by: Walker 2nd
by: Thiele-Sardiña Vote: AYE: 3 NAY: 1 Abstain:
AYE: President Moritz, Secretary Thiele-Sardiña, Treasurer Walker NAY: Director Dehn
Comments: Director Dehn expressed concern at including part time workers. Ramirez stated
all part time and temp workers contribute to the PMP goals, and Board decided in
year 1 to include temporary employees.
9. Discussion and Direction on Recycled Water Use in Support of Boy Scout of America Car
Comments: Secretary Thiele-Sardiña began to discuss the project. Ramirez stated that
staff’s research indicated recycled water cannot be used in a manner that allows
for direct human contact. Thiele-Sardiña indicated that he would ask Menlo Fire
for site and assistance with water. He asked for Redwood City’s information on
recycled water.
10. Discussion and Direction on Recycled Water Projects – Sharon Heights & Bayfront,
Including Grant Applications
Comments: RFPs due Oct 4. The Board requested that staff report on the bid results at Oct
11 meeting.
11. Report & Discussion on South Bayside Waste Management Authority (SBWMA) and
Negotiations for Restated Franchise Agreement
Director Dehn reported on new 10 year extension discussion with Recology.
Talks with San Mateo County regarding solid waste divestiture county are going
12. Report & Discussion on Silicon Valley Clean Water (SVCW) and Discussion on SVCW CIP
President Moritz stated most information had been covered during
communication form the public.
13. Closed Session
(Cal. Govt. Code §54956.9(d)(2))
Claim of Jacobs (25528 Hidden Springs Court, Los Altos Hills)
Entered closed session at 8:51 p.m. Left closed session at 9:03 p.m.
Reportable action: No reportable Items
14. Comments or Reports from Members of the District Board and Consider Items to be
Placed on Future Agenda
Comments: Director Dehn would like discussion on bid process regarding the recycled water
RFPs. Board asked about putting the discussion of drug testing after Jan 1, 2018 regarding
legal marijuana use on future agenda. Secretary Thiele-Sardiña will not be here Oct 25 and
Dec 27.
Check for quorum for Oct 11 per Director Dehn. The Board would like to cancel board meeting
in Nov 22 in advance.
15. Adjournment Time: The meeting was adjourned at 9:05 PM
/s/ Roy Thiele-Sardiña